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And So It Begins…

…you know, those convoluted letters you receive from lawyers who really don’t have a vocabulary, just a list of long and (they think) scary and impressive words.

Well, I didn’t go to law school, but I was an English major, so stringing together a bunch of threatening sounding words that really, in effect, mean nothing is a rather inane activity, but which I could assume as an asinine task to be performed…at leisure.

In other words, you wanna sling it, well, put on your boots, buddy boy, cuz it’s about to get stinky up in here!

With one rather pertinent exception:  all the stench will be proceeding from your present location, as I have something – you are not alone and I’m sure there’s a support group for those who operate like – I have something which has probably never been fathomed by you to entertain.

It’s (now this one’s gonna be kind of hard so you might wanna grab your dictionary) called:

sorry, I've got better things to do...


And as to your claims is that my story has changed while “your clients” denials have not, well:

#1:  My story has been rock solid from the beginning, including even smells, and has never wavered.  And I have never asked for an admission of guilt from him, never.  And as to speaking with other family and friends who say it didn’t happen: it’s a crime for a reason and is hidden from others accordingly. (And there’s more than one victim, just so you know – but I’m sure you already do….doin’ some strateegery?!)

#2:  The only reason you’re saying it has changed is because I have added to it – not the story, dimwit, to the abuse.  I have remembered other ages and events.

#3:  You say my abuser has been consistent in his denial:  Well, that Sir is better known as, “That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!” or also known as habitual lying.  My dear Sir, I know my abuser better than you will ever dream of, and one thing that is well-known about him is that he only speaks the truth when it benefits him.  He can lie…well, better than you, and that’s saying something!

So what to do, what to do?  Since I’m spending so much time wringing my hands over your threats and innuendoes?  I think I’ll go to my daughters graduation – absent of my abuser – and I will save my “abject fear” for another more pertinent time!

You win for sounding like a typical, low budget, sleazy lawyer!  But, that’s just my humble, yet correct assertion.

Good day, Sir (Oh, and you might wanna go hose off or something…) 🙂

About thewhispersofgod

I am a pastor's wife and mother of four who believes in the grace and justice of God. I, sometimes, have to listen more closely to hear His words of comfort, though, because I've been a victim of trauma. As a child, I was sexually abused by a close family member. I kept this abuse locked away in my mind for 34 years and it almost killed me. But, now as an adult I'm no longer just a victim; I am a survivor. I may have to listen more closely to hear Him, but I know I am always remembered in the Whispers of God...

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  1. Ha! Amen! Well said! So sorry you had to endure that & I really hope you don’t receive any other trashy threats (legal or personal) that get you riled up-as that won’t be best for your healing. (But nice to know you still have your wit when ‘drama’ is thrown @ ya. 😉

  2. Sounds familiar! I blogged (using changed names, of course, since I would never use their real names on the Net) about former “friends” who had bullied me and others; they found it; then the threatening e-mail came from them. The usual: threats of suing for defamation, etc. Except that the story I’m telling is the truth The parts they were most concerned about, the parts they wanted to sue me for–they are on the public record, and have been published by/in the newspaper, that one of them has been convicted of child abuse. They can’t sue me for defamation for telling the truth!


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